Funded On Kickstarter!

Beyond the Skies Funded With Over 150% of it’s Goal!

Beyond the Skies has successfully funded on Kickstarter, reaching 248 pages and a whopping 7 illustrations per pantheon. Though the number of illustrations is locked in and the page count is fixed, you can still get your copy of Beyond the Skies and get all the goodies by getting in touch with Bruce on the Kickstarter Page.


Fantasy  Setting and Story

CALIDAR In Stranger Skies combines two parts: the story of the skyship Star Phoenix and a medieval fantasy campaign setting for use with role-playing games. 

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CALIDAR  in Stranger Skies

Stranger Skies is intended as the first in a series of releases, each describing a new adventure for the Star Phoenix and providing an expansion to the campaign setting. 

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Fantasy  Fiction and New Stories

Calidar is the perfect setting for adventure game fiction, it is home to tales that continue the same tradition as the Voyages of the Princess Ark.

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